A new documentary that has been garnering a lot of buzz in the horse racing industry is one step closer to crossing the finish line.

Today, Jody Lamp and Melody Dobson announced that their new film will be called Born to Rein, and treated attendees at the Midwest Theater a first glimpse at the working trailer for the documentary.

The story revolves around John Nerud, a Minatare native known as a legendary horse breeder and trainer… as well as father-and-son Marion and Jack Van Berg of central Nebraska, who own a plethora of racing victories.

Lamp and Dobson co-wrote ‘A History of Nebraska Agriculture- A Life Worth Living,’ and the two joined forces again for this new documentary.

They say about 65 percent of the interviews and out of state filming have been completed, and still have shoots lined up at Fonner Park in Grand Island, as well as in Kentucky.

Dobson says they are hoping to keep this documentary right around the 60 minute mark, and will feature four unique parts within the documentary.

Lamp says they have already looked at film festivals to showcase the final product, and NET Nebraska has been advocating for them to get widespread distribution so people across the country and beyond can watch their film.

The documentary will premiere in the spring of 2019, and a featured showing will air at the Midwest Theater in about one year’s time.

Jody Lamp