Born To Rein

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"Patriot Partners" Sponsorship tiers

Production & Sustainability Sponsors (4)
State Legacy Sponsors (10)
Film Crew Community Sponsors (10)
Hospitality & Special Event Sponsors (12)
Historical Preservation Sponsors (6+)
Friends of the Film Supporters (6+)
Born To Rein Fan Club (15+)
PATRIOT PARTNERS can be one or a combination of companies, organizations, preservation philanthropists,
municipalities and/or many individuals who collectively provide the stewardship and ability to underwrite goals
and objectives and vision. The support engages the project’s core value of restoration and retelling of historical
events, places and spaces. The desire is to engage with community, local, regional and national audiences through
a variety of interactive, interpretive and information strategies. Creating community collaborations engages
new networks and opportunities to tell the “untold” and “sometimes” forgotten stories of our heritage, like the
documentary film – Born To Rein.
contributions and participation in preserving our heritage for the national record; film production and archival

support; accompanying educational, statewide “Circle Tour” Souvenir Program; to secure never-before-
seen antiquities, memorabilia to create traveling/permanent displays to salute and honor accomplishments

of Nebraska’s legendary horsemen who received national and international acclaim; and creating coinciding
Community Events in 2019 to attract and feature national speakers.


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